Mandeep Singh

“Red Dot Distribution Ltd is a very friendly professional business who meet our every need in the IT requirements of […]

Graham Braum

“Congrats to the Management and staff of Reddot distribution for achieving this milestone”

Fabrice Campoy

Congratulations to the staff and management of Red dot. The last 15 years have been the reflection of a passionate […]

Yousef Atwan

“Logitech and Reddot been in prosperous partnership for over 5 years to distribute Logitech products in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. […]

Matiyas Gutema

Thank you for all, we kindly appreciated the crucial and deadline pressured effort you and all the team played. Honestly […]

Nuru Yakub Othman

“The timely response and delivery we have been receiving from Reddot has gone a long way in ensuring that we meet our project schedules”